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1. Do you want a healthier environment?

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We offer solutions for both passionate fighters and moderates. Every effort counts!

The app helps you discover the many small things you can do every day for the planet and for yourself. In the app, you'll learn about the impact of your activities and maybe reach new "levels" in your score.

The app is available in two languages - English and Czech.

3. How to use the app?

Choose the activities you can do during the week:

What to choose in the activity application?

You might be surprised how much you are already making a difference to the health of the planet today!

A simple graphic will help you see your progress over time and you can show it off to your girlfriend or friends.


Who are you?

Set up a profile that fits you, so you don't have to click too much later and be more honest about your environmental footprint.


Reward yourself!

The app rewards you with points for every eco-friendly action. You'll see the environmental impact of unnecessarily switching on lights in your apartment or the difference between using plastic and paper bags.

Using Enlightenment

You can become an environmental "champion" who leaves a minimal eco-footprint or even become "invisible" in your environmental impact.

Don't be afraid of new challenges

In addition to regular eco-activities, the app also supports the completion of challenges. Each level has several of them set and completing them is necessary to reach the next level. Want to find out what challenges await you? You need to move up and then you will see what is prepared for you.


Hopefully these challenges will engage you, entertain you and make you think about the consequences of your actions. One of these challenges, for example, is to be a Dark Knight. All you have to do is use the lighting you really need in your house or apartment.


Take the Hero's Path!

On your journey as a warrior for a better environment, you not only collect points and complete challenges, but you also complete the Hero's Journey. Here you will get advice, encouragement, but also comparison with other warriors.


4. There are more of us!

5. About the application

The application is based on scientific studies. Based on these, it calculates how much you contribute to pollution or, conversely, support the environment, how much CO2 you have produced during the day. Still, many of the calculations are simplified for the sake of clarity and "playability" of the app. The real numbers may be slightly different just because the sun is shining one day and under a cloud the next. However, we believe that more than super-precise numbers, it's about helping us think about our environmental impact every day, just like we keep track of our bank account balance;-) It will also provide tips on how to reduce our negative impact on the environment.