Let's fix the Earth together

1. Even trees know how to appreciate a good drink

Thousands of trees can be saved with our help. Trees are drying up, while usable water is wasted. Let's prevent this!

Drops of water Care for the trees by watering them while commuting or in the evening. It is our responsibility as no one else will do it for us. Saving a mature tree is as joyful as planting a new one, and we can do it every day! Moreover, the Public Greenery experts in the City of Brno handle trees such that each water drop is optimally utilized. A mobile application is under development to help locate and water trees.

2. Protecting Trees from Drought

Let's work together to save thousands of trees! Trees need watering during dry periods to prevent them from drying out within weeks. However, municipalities lack enough water capacity to water all of the trees. Let's act now to protect the trees from drought by conserving water and providing the necessary care. Additionally, a considerable amount of usable water goes to waste through the sewage system. Let's conserve water by watering trees during commutes or in the evenings. It's up to us to take action as no one else will do it for us. After all, it's more beneficial to save a mature tree than to plant a new one. We possess the knowledge of how to conserve water, and we will assist you in making the most of every drop. Our Tree Map can guide you on how to prepare the trees for watering and identify those that require watering. Once you have watered the tree, record the amount of water applied on the map.

Map of trees

See also the website and Facebook ! Thousands of trees need thousands of people to water them from time to time. So invite your friends, share on social networks and promote. Trees can't do it alone!

3. What's ahead of us?

We have a lot of work and fun ahead of us as we develop the app, school packs, website, add more cities, and learn about trees, cities and ourselves. It'll be a long journey, but we have support from all sides, and we're putting all our energy into it. It's simply true that those who don't get lazy, get green.